The main goal of this article is realy simple, we had to install SQL Management Sutdio onto our Citrix Terminal Server and it wasn’t as easy as it should have. First we received an error on the requirement of the Visual Studio 2008 SP1 , a lot of Windows / Microsoft Update later, still no luck for the install, here how to make it happend :

  • First we need a Cd of SQL server 2008+
  • Mount the CD on the server
  • In Command line :
<pre>msiexec /i D:\x64\Setup\vs_shell.msi PATCH=D:\x64\Setup\VS90sp1-KB945140.msp /qb (where D:\ is the location of your SQL media)</pre>
  • You can now launch the SQL Management Studio installation, for our case we installed the Express version to just get the console


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