How to factory Reset a HP E3000 Switch

On 13 September 2017, in HP, Networking, by Himselff

– in console, enter the following commnand :

erase startup-config

– the switch will prompt to validate , press “Y” and voilà !

– if the switch use to belong to a stack enter the following command :

stacking factory-reset

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– through the serial cable , simply go into the enable mode
– then delete run start
– then reload
– next reboot you’ll get prompt with the new device wizard

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  • Login to the device
  • enable
  • vfi0
  • clr all
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  • delete running-config
  • reload
  • “You didnt save your configuration, save ? ” Y
  • “Are you realy sure ?” Y
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How to factory reset a cisco Catalyst switch

On 26 January 2011, in Cisco, Networking, by Himselff
  1. In Enable mode
  2. Write Erase
  3. Delete flash:vlan.dat
  4. reload
  5. After reload, do not run the “Initial Setup configuration Wizard”, it’s way less trouble not to.
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