– go to your certificate provider
– make sure to select “other” when downloading the certificate
– that will get you the intermediate certificate in a “.crt” format
– In the firewall itself just import CA certificate, select the file and you are now good to go

Ref : https://www.sslsupportdesk.com/ssl-installation-instructions-for-fortigate-vpn/

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config system ddns
  • Here are the supported server (5.0.6) :

FortiGuardDDNS FortiGuard DDNS service.
dhs.org members.dhs.org
dipdns.net dipdnsserver.dipdns.com
dyndns.org members.dyndns.org and dnsalias.com
dyns.net www.dyns.net
easydns.com members.easydns.com
genericDDNS Generic DDNS based on RFC2136.
now.net.cn ip.todayisp.com
ods.org ods.org
tzo.com rh.tzo.com
vavic.com Peanut Hull

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– Run the following command to enable debug :

  • diag debug enable

– Run the following command to display IPSEC message:

  • diag debug app ike -1

– To stop debug message display :

  • Diag debug disable
  • Diag debug app ike 0
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