How to run a TFTP server on Mac OSX

On 26 January 2011, in Mac, by Himselff
Using TFTP server on Mac OS X
If you ever need to use tftpd(8) server on Mac OS X do
1. get a root shell
$ sudo su – root
2. type
# /sbin/service tftp start
This will start a tftpd(8) server on Mac OS X.
A config file, tftp.plist for tftpd(8) is in /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ directory.
This is an XML file. If you need to change tftpd(8) root directory to something other than
/private/tftpboot, edit tftp.plist file and change the tag as follows:
This change tells tftpd(8) it’s root is /Users/gregory/Desktop/tftp directory.
After the change, tftpd(8) needs to be restarted.
# /sbin/service tftp stop
# /sbin/service tftp start
The /Users/gregory/Desktop/tftp directory must also exist before the chanage.
To create it type:
# mkdir /Users/gregory/Desktop/tftp
# chmod 777 /Users/gregory/Desktop/tftp
To check if everything is working fine type
$ tftp
tftp> connect
tftp> status
Connected to
Mode: netascii Verbose: off Tracing: off
Rexmt-interval: 5 seconds, Max-timeout: 25 seconds
tftp> verbose
Verbose mode on.
tftp> trace
Packet tracing on.
tftp> binary
mode set to octet
tftp> ascii
mode set to netascii
To get a file type
tftp> get file.txt
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How to enable Remote Control on Mac OSX

On 26 January 2011, in Mac, by Himselff
  1. Open the System Preference screen
  2. Select the Sharing icon
  3. In the list, select Screen Sharing and turn it on
  4. Select wich user is allowed to log in
  5. You can also put the user a password
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